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I don't do my job hoping for accolades. I do my job because each client has a story and a reason for a particular vessel. Hearing them and listening to the boat is our way forward. The following comments are from real, actual clients with whom I've worked. If you'd like to reach out to any of them, please contact me and I'll put you in touch.

Leslie, 62' High-Performance
Sailing Catamaran

It is without hesitation and in fact with quite a bit of enthusiasm that I write this recommendation for Cecilia. We had the pleasure of working with her twice - once for an insurance claim and once for a comprehensive valuation survey.  


We met Cecilia when she was commissioned by our insurance company to do a damage report for a claim. She was conscientious of the urgency of the situation and showed tenacity in working with us to get the report done as quickly and thoroughly as possible. She responded patiently to my plethora of questions and my persistence in keeping things progressing when everyone was more than busy. Without going into boring details, Cecilia managed to get us a survey report in record time and when all work was complete, was quite accurate in the repair estimate. This was not an easy feat as we have a custom sailing cat and repair activities and materials were not “standard”. 


Because of her professionalism, responsiveness, and impressive knowledge of all things “boaty," Cecilia was the first surveyor we called when a year later we needed a nuts-to-bolts survey for vessel valuation. Needless to say, we spit-shined and prepared scrupulously for her visit as we knew how thorough she would be. Cecilia poked through every bilge, prodded every structure, inspected every wiring connection, and checked every safety requirement. She had us haul her up the 78’ mast so she could inspect the rigging in minute detail. Her knowledge of electrical and mechanical equipment and their code requirements was enough to satisfy even my husband’s geekiness. She made solid recommendations, found relevant comparisons for market value, and produced a comprehensive and “difficult to dispute” survey.  


As a final word, I’d like to add that, despite her friendly and approachable demeanor, Cecilia is tough on the technicalities. We found her honest and holding integrity dear. If she finds deficiency, she’ll let you know. And would we call her again if ever we are in need of a surveyor - absolutely!  


Greg, Kadey-Krogen 42

You saved me from the Kadey-Krogen in Florida. I’m now on Dauntless in the PNW. I owe you. Cheers!

Vincent, Beneteau Oceanis 40

My name is Vincent. My wife and I live in Maryland. I’m a retired engineer and have been involved in boating since I was 6 months old.


If you are looking for a surveyor, you are probably boat shopping. I feel for you as this has become an increasingly challenging process. I do hope that you find the boat you desire and enjoy it thoroughly as life is fleeting.


In January 2020, I became interested in a 2010 Beneteau Oceanis 40’ sailboat located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This would be a six figure expenditure and over a thousand miles from my home. I needed to be very smart about this purchase.


I had never met Ceal before the survey, but she came highly recommended. In any event, I intended to stick with her like glue during the entire survey. I wanted to learn as much as possible about the boat and discover any problem areas. 


Ceal was completely accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and helpful. We proceeded to go through the boat, inch by inch, working side by side, digging into absolutely everything.


She answered all my questions and pointed out every problem area. There were a bunch of both. She documented all this in her notes and in the hundreds of detailed photos she took during the survey.


During the sea trial, haul out, tests, measurements, and inspections of the engine, mechanical and electronic gear, refrigeration, hull, rig, and sails, Ceal kept peeling back the layers, clearly revealing the boat. It was fascinating to watch someone so capable at work. Very impressive.


Following the survey, the seller discounted their asking price by $10,000, to cover the issues that Ceal's survey revealed. Personally, I would have preferred to purchase the boat as it was originally described at asking price. However, it’s obvious that the value of a truly comprehensive and well documented survey cannot be overstated.


The survey document remains complete and useful. I referenced it and Ceal’s photos almost daily as I undertook the refit. Since then, I have contacted Ceal on several occasions with questions as they arise. She remains responsive, helpful, and insightful.


I do hope you find the boat you are searching for. Ceal can help you to make the best decision on this large and potentially life changing purchase.


I strongly recommend Ceal without reservation.


Best regards,



Judy and Kirk, Leopard 46

We found Ceal to be incredibly responsive, very knowledgeable and professional. She offered so much support during the survey and boat buying process overall and it made the experience so much better…that speaks well to how Ceal runs the personal side of her business. Ceal’s written survey report was very thorough, well organized and timely. As well, we so appreciated the review and report that she did after we had done repairs; it was great to be able to send that to our insurance company and get the okay to sail!  We have recommended Ceal’s services to other sailors without hesitation. 

Jennifer and Bob, Island Packet 460

We were new into sailing and in the market for our perfect sailboat! We were given a list of boat surveyors names by a boat broker. When we called to interview surveyors, Ceal was knowledgeable, took time to provide us some education and said all the right things to make us feel comfortable to hire her to survey a prospective boat.


Unfortunately our first, and the second boat we had chosen to be surveyed were not our dream boats. Ceal’s attention to detail in her survey reports helped us identify issues that we were not willing to accept in our dream boat and she frankly saved us a lot of money and future grief!


Ceal listened to our expectations and dreams over the course of these events and truly knew more of what the perfect fit sailboat looked like for ourselves before we did!  Along with the surveys, Ceal educated us and guided us in finally finding the perfect sailboat to fit our dreams. We wholeheartedly recommend Ceal to anyone getting ready to purchase their boat! 

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