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My name is Cecilia Potts. I am the owner of Set Sail Marine Survey, LLC, and the principal surveyor. I am an/a:

  • Accredited Marine Surveyor® with the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors® (SAMS®)

  • Certified Standards Technician with the American Boat and Yacht Council® (ABYC®)

  • Chapman School of Seamanship Yacht & Small Craft Surveying program - Instructor

  • Chapman School of Seamanship Yacht & Small Craft Surveying program - Class Valedictorian



I've called the following boats “home” during the past 20 years:

  • 2002 American Tug 34

  • 1990 Catalina 28

  • 2001 Island Packet 380

  • 1986 Island Packet 31

  • 1988 Island Packet 27

  • 1987 Island Packet 27

  • 1974 Islander 36


Before moving into marine surveying, I was a technical writer/editor for Solar Stik, Inc.—a manufacturer of military-grade hybrid power solutions. I joined Solar Stik following a four-year sailing voyage along the coasts of Mexico, the Bahamas, and Florida. Prior to Solar Stik, I worked as a communication specialist at California State University Channel Islands and served as an advisor and coach for its collegiate sailing program. I earned a degree in journalism from Central Michigan University. My first love – boats are a close second – is cycling. I am a Mountain Bike Junior World Champion, a former member of the U.S. National Cycling Team (both mountain and road disciplines), and a retired professional mountain bike racer.

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